Bringing together scholars, policymakers, and members of think tanks from around the globe, promoting research on China's engagement with the world, and striving for a future of diversity, sustainability, and prosperity for all.


The GCR will endeavour to:

  • Assess the economic opportunities and challenges for China and Hong Kong arising out of the Chinese government’s new strategies and policies;
  • Evaluate the reception of and reactions to China’s global impact in Greater China and among China’s external partners;
  • Study the institutional framework and mechanisms of governance and coordination that may facilitate regional cooperation and the management of issues arising out of China’s global activities;
  • Examine the humanistic ramifications and interfaces of China’s global outreach with special reference to historic roots, inter-cultural exchanges, and diasporic settlements; and
  • Explore Hong Kong’s unparalleled role and position in bridging China and the world across all of the above areas.