As China is now the world’s second-largest economy, the topics that are highly relevant to China’s role in global economics and finance are numerous and diverse. The launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Silk Road Fund, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank further enhance China’s economic and financial engagement with the world. Important recurring themes, such as the emergence of the renminbi as an international currency, China’s increasing investments in infrastructure in the Belt and Road countries, and the development of an offshore renminbi market, are definitely of interest to researchers. Other research topics, such as possible ways to achieve international best practices in corporate governance for joint projects and joint ventures in order to foster unimpeded trade and financial integration, are also worth close examination.

  • Prof. Kalok Chan
  • Prof. Waiman Cheung
  • Prof. Terence T. L. Chong
  • Prof. Michael K. Y. Fung
  • Dr Cheung-kwok Law
  • Prof. Chen Li
  • Prof. Liugang Sheng
  • Prof. Michael Z. Song
  • Prof. Yun-wing Sung