International cooperation, common development, and the forging of multilateral relations will result in tremendous benefits, whereas increasing interactions among states will inevitably lead to disputes, misunderstandings, and disagreements as well. Thus, common platforms, mechanisms or institutions for problem-solving are required. At the top of the agenda is the need for systematic research to provide a conceptual and analytical framework for understanding China’s rapidly evolving law and governance infrastructure governing its economy and external relations. Another key area for this line of research is how the Chinese legal system is interacting with foreign and international legal systems and institutions as China seeks to expand its regional and global presence and influence. A conceptualization of China’s efforts in shaping the global legal and institutional order, particularly in the era following the global financial crisis, is also a main research concern. In conducting such research, the basic principles of peaceful co-existence, mutual respect, and mutual benefits will also be re-examined.

  • Prof. Pierre Landry
  • Prof. Carlos W. H. Lo
  • Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolf
  • Prof. Chao Xi