From September 2015 till now, in around two years time, the GCR has held four international conferences, two regional conferences, and six local workshops to forge research networks. Members’ research findings are disseminated to the public on a wide scope. For instances, members have published twenty-two referred international journal papers, eight edited books, five book chapters, and twenty-nine newspaper articles, and have given four public talks and policy-sharing seminars.

The GCR also has secured several research grants for its continuous development, including two Public Policy Research grants, six General Research Fund grants, and one University Grants Committee grant. With the funding support from several sectors, the GCR sustains its research progress in promoting research on China's engagement with the world.

On July 2017, the GCR established databank which includes comprehensive statistics for seventy-one Belt and Road countries. This databank is drawn from renowned sources, like the World Bank and the United Nations Statistics, to facilitate public understanding of the Belt and Road regions.