As one of the world’s oldest civilizations, China has a long history of cultural achievements, especially in arts and literature, and has always attracted international attention. The history of modern China has been one of experimenting with new cultural and social values that allow for transformation, reintegration, and most importantly, rejuvenation. In a highly globalized world and at a time when China is increasingly reaching out to the rest of the world, a key area of research is how China can better engage with other countries. Systematic study and analysis of inter-cultural exchanges, assimilation, and interactions between China and the world in general and the Belt and Road countries in particular are also needed.

  • Prof. Wai-ling Cheong
  • Prof. Chi-yue Chiu
  • Prof. David Faure
  • Prof. Anthony Y. H. Fung
  • Prof. Ying-yi Hong
  • Prof. Jan Kiely
  • Prof. Pan-chiu Lai
  • Prof. Frederick Lau
  • Prof. Yuen-sang Leung
  • Prof. Minhua Ling
  • Prof. Tony H. W. Tam
  • Prof. Sze-wing Tang