Innovation plays a key role in economic development, social change, and technological advancement. The past few decades have been notable for great leaps in technology. Technology is not only a subject for scientific study, but also a force that shapes our present way of life and will transform our habitat in the future. Information technology in particular, such as the Internet, mobile phones, and social media, has impacted our everyday lives, changing the ways that we study, work, consume, socialize, enjoy entertainment, and mobilize politically. Technology and innovation are key components to enhancing social and economic competitiveness. Will China’s growing efforts to reach out to the world bring new momentum for advancements in innovation and technology? In what ways can Hong Kong play a key role in promoting innovation and technology? These are key research questions yet to be answered.

  • Prof. Chi-yue Chiu
  • Prof. Ying-yi Hong
  • Prof. Ho-fung Leung
  • Prof. Anthony M. C. So
  • Prof. Kelvin Tsoi
  • Prof. Kam-fai Wong