Migration, i.e., the movement of people from one place to other places either for temporary or permanent settlement, is an important social phenomenon. The movement of people is arguably more complicated and far-reaching than the movement of goods, money, and information. Coming from a country with the largest population in the world and one that has experienced tremendous in/out migrations in the past and present, Chinese emigrants have made great contributions to the economic development of many countries and societies around the world. In addition, they have both culturally assimilated to their host societies and contributed to the establishment of socio-political exchanges between China and their adopted countries. Chinese cultural and artistic institutions abroad have also been influential. The influence and contribution of Chinese emigrants to the global community in the past and present will be studied, with special emphasis on the roles that Chinese communities abroad might be able to play in serving the Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Prof. Susanne Y. P. Choi
  • Prof. David Faure
  • Prof. Ying-yi Hong
  • Prof. Yuen-sang Leung
  • Dr Victor Zheng