Profound transformation in the social and economic life of Greater China has brought significant changes to education in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao. For example, since the implementation of the open-door policy, education in China has been influenced by globalization and the market economy. The implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative will bring new opportunities, horizons, and perspectives to those studying abroad and those engaging in academic exchanges and research collaborations. Because of Hong Kong’s status as a world-class city that is internationally known for its quality of education, a major direction for research will be to explore how Hong Kong can shape itself into an educational hub that serves not only Greater China and the Belt and Road regions, but also the rest of the world. Research collaboration among institutions of higher education in the Belt and Road regions will also be a key direction for research endeavours.

  • Prof. Alan C. K. Cheung
  • Prof. Fanny M. Cheung
  • Prof. Michael K. Y. Fung
  • Prof. Esther S. C. Ho
  • Prof. Ying-yi Hong
  • Prof. Dongshu Ou
  • Prof. Suk-ying Wong