Bay Area Experience: Evidence-based Policy Webinar Series – Youth Entrepreneurship of Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area – Think Again and Imagine the Future

20 May 2022   |   11:00–12:15 (GMT+8)



Prof. Kevin Y. F. Au Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, CUHK
Mr Claudius Tsang Founder & CEO, King's Phase Technologies; XY Technologies Limited
Mr Gavin Lou Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Education University of Hong Kong
Prof. Fanny M. Cheung Senior Advisor, Faculty of Social Science and HKIAPS, CUHK


Policy Research @ HKIAPS presented a webinar on “Youth Entrepreneurship of Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area – Think Again and Imagine the Future” on 20 May 2022. The main speaker, Prof. Kevin Y. F. Au, analysed the challenges that entrepreneurs might face in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (GBA), and offered young people and policy makers some advice on entrepreneurship in GBA. The two discussants were Mr Claudius Tsang and Mr Gavin Lou, who shared their experiences and observations on entrepreneurship.

The speaker and discussants particularly addressed Shenzhen’s entrepreunship environment and compared it to New York City and Hong Kong. Both cities have a great deal of resources and financing support, which helps the growth of new start-ups. However, in Shenzhen, there is a lack of collaboration among stakeholders. Many people in Hong Kong also were slow to embrace that China was rising when the new economic paradigm in Shenzhen unfolded.

Instead of “pushing” young people to try to start a business in the GBA solely by singing the praises of the GBA from a materialistic perspective, a more appealing approach is to create opportunities for collaboration and attend to the identity and emotional needs of youngsters. The speaker called for a paradigm shift in attitudes toward China’s development and young people’s expectations of their career development and life plans. The younger generation should also “think again” to create their own identities and write their own stories given a possible future for them in GBA. Prof. Au shared his thoughts on these issues and supplemented them with his recent experience in the “MAKE a DASH” programme, which is aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs to develop businesses in the GBA.

Mr Tsang shared his observations on the differences in human resources and working attitudes between Hong Kong and mainland China. He suggested that young entrepreneurs who aspire to start a business in the GBA should expect keen competition, especially in the field of technology.

Mr Lou shared his experiences with his start-up company. He pointed out that one reason the young generation hesitates to develop their career in the GBA relates to mobility barriers. Start-ups come with tremendous responsibilities, and entrepreneurs should get ready to meet the challenges that they will encounter along the way.

A total of 47 local and regional participants attended the webinar.


Policy Research @ HKIAPS, CUHK

Global China Research Programme, CUHK