Attending the Hong Kong Political Science Alliance Annual Conference 2018

3 November 2018 | The City University of Hong Kong


(Dr Tim Summers (the fourth from the left) attended the Conference.)


The conference was held by the Hong Kong Political Science Association. The association is a non-profit organization. Its objectives are to promote the development and dissemination of political science and closely related disciplines. The theme of the conference is “Hong Kong and Globalization”. The conference consisted of 12 panel sessions and engaged more than 50 panellists.


Dr Tim Summers, GCR member, was invited as one of the panellists to present on “The Belt and Road Initiative: Provincial Responses in Yunnan”. He talked about the ways in which the elites in Yunnan province have responded to the central government’s initiative and what this might mean for the implementation and shaping of BRI. This was done by examining provincial-level policy documents and the output of local scholars and corporates.


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