The GCR 12th Seminar: The China Model: How It's Working, Whether the Trade Crisis Threatens It

By Dr William H. Overholt | 23 October 2018 | The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Co-organized with the HKIAPS, the 12th Global China Research Programme Working Seminar was held on 23 October 2018. Dr Cheung-kwok Law, Senior Research Fellow of the GCR, moderated the seminar.


Dr Overholt received his PhD in Political Science at Yale University in the United States. His research interests are in Asian development, Chinese politics and economics, business strategy, investment strategies, and international relations in Asia. Dr Overholt is the author of China’s Crisis of Success; Asia, America and the Transformation of Geopolitics; and The Rise of China: How Economic Reform Is Creating a New Superpower.


In the seminar, Dr Overholt suggested that Asian miracle economies in the 1980s, including South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, mainland China, and Japan, have come to a crisis of success, which means a moment in development of a successful business or a country where continued success requires organizational transformation.


Dr Overholt argued that China has reached a threshold where continued success requires re-invention of its economy and politics. He also explored critical social issues of the transition, such as Xi’s unconventional political strategy. Alternative outcomes include continued impressive growth and political stability, and a major political-economic crisis. Forty-three scholars, researchers, and students attended the seminar.