The 9th Global China Research Programme Working Seminar: Youth Culture in Hong Kong and China: Differences and Policy Implications

By Prof. Anthony Y. H. Fung | 2 February 2018 | The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Co-organized with the Policy Research@HKIAPS and the Centre for Youth Studies of the HKIAPS, the 9th Global China Research Programme Working Seminar was held on 2 February 2018; Prof. Ying-yi Hong, Co-Convenor of the GCR, moderated the Seminar.

Prof. Anthony Y. H. Fung received his PhD from the University of Minnesota. He is also a Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, and Co-Director of the Gender Studies Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prof. Fung’s research interests cover the fields of popular culture and cultural studies, cultural and creative industries, the political economy of the media, culture, and communication, and Hong Kong cultural identity and youth studies.

In the Seminar, Prof. Fung raised the concern that young people are “Revolutionary”. In Mainland China, young people’s lives are shaped by their family, their education, and the Communist Party. This is proven by arranged marriages, long school hours, and the increasing proportion of young party members. Although the lives of Hong Kong teenagers are also influenced by family and education, their use of social media determines the differences between the young people in the two places. Social media is the major source of news and entertainment for Hong Kong teenagers, and also affects their attitude towards society. Both societies have developed solutions to manage youth culture. Thirty scholars, researchers, and students attended the Seminar.