Attending the “Borders, Mobilities and New Infrastructures in an Age of Shifting Power Configurations” Workshop

9–10 January 2018 | National University of Singapore



The Workshop was organized by the Asia Research Institute, the National University of Singapore, with support from the Max Weber Stiftung. The Workshop focused on how borders, mobilities, and infrastructures articulate with shifting archipelagic, Eurasian, oceanic, and planetary power configurations. The attendees also shared their concerns about the consequences, visualizations, and reception of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Asia and beyond, including attendant reconfigurations in conceptions of Eurasian, Asia-Pacific, Euro-Atlantic, and Indian Ocean spaces. 

Dr Tim Summers, a GCR member, was invited to serve as one of the panellists. Dr Summers illustrated his views on the borders of the BRI. He stated that, temporally, there is tension between the idea of the BRI and evidence of its pre-history in provincial policies and practices, as well as questions over the planned duration of the initiative and the resonance of the longue durée through the metaphor of “Silk Roads”. Twenty-seven scholars participated in the Workshop and engaged in fruitful interactions.