Attending the “Development of the Greater Bay Area” Forum

19 December 2017 | Hong Kong Policy Research Institute



Co-organized by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, the “Development of the Greater Bay Area” Forum was held on 19 December 2017 to serve as a platform for scholars to share their views on the policy. The Forum was attended by 18 scholars and researchers. 

Dr Cheung-kwok Law, a GCR member, was invited to speak on “Global Airport Clusters: The Relevance for the Greater Bay Area’s Aviation Development”. Dr Law pointed out that there are five international and regional airports in the Greater Bay Area, together with several domestic airports under consideration. While there is a development strategy and expansion plan for each airport, airspace is very congested and aviation resources are limited. Dr Law presented the operating experience of other airport clusters, particularly those of London and New York, in the hope that it would be useful for policy-makers to consider their institutional frameworks, regulatory settings, development priorities, competitive environments, funding arrangements, and so on.