Seminar on the “Transformation of Hong Kong’s Role in Connecting Hakka All over the World”

12 October 2017 | The Chinese University of Hong Kong



The Seminar on the Transformation of Hong Kong’s Role in Connecting Hakka All over the World took place at the Conference Room of the HKIAPS on 12 October 2017. The Seminar was held as a platform for discussion for scholars from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan who are experts in Hakka studies.

The Dean of Arts and GCR member, Prof. Yuen-sang Leung, gave the opening speech. The Coordinator, Dr Victor Zheng, introduced the HKIAPS and the GCR to the guests. The Seminar was then opened up for discussion among the scholars. The guests shared their viewpoints about the development of Hakka studies in their own region, discussed the role of Hong Kong in preserving the Hakka culture, and pondered the issue of how the Belt and Road Initiative can help to connect Hakka people along the Belt and Road countries.

Twenty-four scholars had a fruitful interaction at the Seminar and it is hoped that further collaboration can be achieved.