The 8th GCR Working Seminar: A Century of Migrations and Global Political Uncertainties

By Prof. Fatos Tarifa | 20 October 2017 | The Chinese University of Hong Kong



As the 21st century unfolds we face a new global reality involving a number of global challenges: demographic, political, economic, social, cultural, technological, and environmental. The Seminar will examine some of these challenges, which have been triggered by current and future waves of global migration and, more generally, by a tectonic shift in the global population. This century is likely to be one of vast migrations, with tens of millions of people moving permanently from South to North and from East to West. Although we cannot yet know the scale and full consequences of such demographic shifts, a number of possible unintentional and undesirable outcomes can be imagined. Well-intended and ambitious development projects, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, may also trigger undesirable outcomes.