HKCT Social Development x Liberal Studies Masters Series – BRI and Globalization

By Prof. Stephen W. K. Chiu | 28 February 2017 | Hong Kong College of Technology


(Dr Cheuk-hay Chan (the left), President and Principal of Hong Kong College of Technology invited Prof. Stephen W. K. Chiu (the middle) to be the guest speaker of this lecture.)


On the afternoon of 28 February 2017, Prof. Stephen W. K. Chiu, the Co-Convenor of the GCR gave a guest lecture at the Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT) on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to about 80 secondary school teachers and students. The intention behind the lecture series is to enhance the awareness of teenagers of some critical social issues. Speakers from various backgrounds have been invited to provide the audience with a broad view of such issues.

This year, Prof. Stephen W. K. Chiu was invited to serve as one of the speakers. Prof. Chiu discussed the relationship between the BRI and globalization. This event was organized to equip the students with the skills to analyse an issue and to understand its significance to social development from a global perspective.