Attending the CAPA Asia Aviation Summit

1516 November 2016 | Singapore


(Dr Cheung-kwok Law, (middle) chaired the panel session on the Summit.)


The CAPA Asia Aviation Summit, organized by the CAPA Centre for Aviation, took place in Singapore on 15–16 November 2016. 

This year, Dr Cheung-kwok Law, Senior Research Fellow of the GCR, was invited to serve as one of the moderators and panellists for the Summit. Dr Law chaired the session “The China Opportunity, Transforming Aviation & Tourism”, which focused on whether aviation could play an enabling role in the BRI. Dr Law also presented a paper in the Summit entitled “OBOR: Impacts on Asia’s Aviation Development”. 

The Summit consisted of eight thematic discussion sessions and featured 49 speakers from different institutes and airline companies. Exchanges of ideas among experts and scholars from various countries were fostered. 

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