The 3rd Global China Research Programme Working Seminar: The Geopolitical Web of Science: The Travelling of Knowledge Along the Belt and Road

By Dr Jessie J. Hao | 10 November 2016 | The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Prof. Chi-yue Chiu, Dean of Faculty of Social Science moderated the 3rd Global China Research Working Seminar.

Dr Jessie J. Hao is a Research Associate of the GCR. Her research interests cover branding, cross-cultural consumer behaviour, cultural mixing, and globalization. She also has rich teaching and training experiences in marketing management and consumer behaviour programmes.

In her presentation, Dr Hao elaborated on how academic journal articles have been published and cited within and between the 65 Belt and Road countries during the past two decades. The preliminary results of her research show that the number of scientific publications in most Belt and Road countries have exploded during the past two decades. China, as well as many Belt and Road countries, is still a “knowledge importer” in the Web of Science network. Geopolitical clusters among certain countries have formed in the past decade, indicating that the diffusion of scientific knowledge has been influenced by political, historical, and social factors.

Twenty-one scholars, researchers, and students attended the seminar. Dr Hao had a fruitful interaction with the participants.