Attending the Seminar on Belt and Road Initiative (向東歐出發 – 烏克蘭、白俄羅斯經濟文化考察團講座)

26 October 2016 | Hong Kong Baptist University



(Prof. Stephen W. K. Chiu (front row, fifth from the left), and Prof. Yuen-sang Leung (front row, fifth from the right) attended the event.)


On the evening of 26 October 2016, Prof. Stephen W. K. Chiu and Prof. Yuen-sang Leung from the GCR gave talks in the seminar on the BRI at the Hong Kong Baptist University to about 60 university students, including 20 who will participate in a study and cultural tour in Belarus and Ukraine. This event was organized by the University & College YMCA Department of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, and sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau and Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education. 

Prof. Yuen-sang Leung discussed with the students the historical development of the Silk Road, while Prof. Stephen W. K. Chiu focused on the relevance of the BRI to Hong Kong students and encouraged them to grasp the great number of opportunities associated with this Initiative both inside and outside of Hong Kong.