Attending the International Forum on Poverty Relief in Children’s Education

29–30 April 2019 | Fujian Preschool Education College, China



The theme of the forum was “Repositioning Childhood and Children’s Education: Local Practices and Global Awareness” (童年與幼教的重新定位:本地的實踐與全球的關懷). Through the forum, the participants were able to share their experiences of implementing poverty relief in children’s education, explore theories on starting new initiatives, and discuss innovative development paths.


GCR member Prof. Dongshou Ou was invited to serve as one of the speakers. She engaged in frank exchanges with the other eight speakers and, drawing on her own research expertise, shared her views on the keynote speech. She was also invited to visit the Return Volunteer Entrepreneurship • Kindergarten Poverty Relief Base [This name is provided by the organizer]. The attendees gained a good understanding of the centre’s educational practices in relation to disabled children and orphans.