CUHK-University of Sydney (USyd) Workshop on Emission Trading and Tax

7 June 2019 | The Chinese University of Hong Kong



To evaluate the environmental effectiveness and economic efficiency of incentive-based instruments for controlling pollution in China and Australia, the closed-door workshop was organized and attended by scholars from both CUHK and USyd.


The aim of the workshop was to analyse emissions trading and taxes from the economic and legal perspective. Prof. Tiho Ancev (Associate Professor, School of Economics, The University of Sydney) examined the (in)effectiveness of the States of New South Wales’ load-based licensing scheme in reducing air pollution, and Dr Alastair Fraser (Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The University of Sydney) introduced the Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme and shared the lessons learnt after nearly two decades of operation. Prof. Yuan Xu (Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Resource Management, CUHK) discussed the role of the market in China’s emissions trading scheme.


From the legal perspective, Prof. Yan Xu (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, CUHK) investigated the role of environmental taxation in China, while Prof. Anatole Boute (Professor, Faculty of Law, CUHK)shared his view on ETS and electricity market liberalization in China. A concrete plan for fielding joint research proposals has also been launched.