Plotting the Future of the Belt and Road Initiative: Connections, Opportunities and Challenges

2017-11-22 [Read more]

Silk Roads and the Centrality of Old World Eurasia

2017-11-14 [Read more]

The 8th GCR Working Seminar: A Century of Migrations and Global Political Uncertainties

2017-10-20 [Read more]

Hakka Cultural Forum

2017-10-13 [Read more]

China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable Luncheon: Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area from the Belt and Road Perspective: Opportunities and Challenges

2017-10-09 [Read more]

The 7th GCR Working Seminar: The Rise of Chinese Think Tanks in the Belt and Road Initiative

2017-10-06 [Read more]

Attending the 2017 Cross-Strait Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences

2017-09-15 [Read more]

The 6th Global China Research Programme Working Seminar: A Study on E-Commerce Readiness for ASEAN Countries

2017-09-13 [Read more]

Belt and Road Summit

2017-09-11 [Read more]

Participating in Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Nansha Technological Cooperation Roundtable Conference

2017-08-21 [Read more]

Guest lectures to the students of the Belt and Road Initiative Cultural Tour

2017-07-26 [Read more]

Site Selection Trip to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

2017-07-11 [Read more]

Participating in a Health Intervention Trip to Dacao Village, Jilin Province

2017-06-22 [Read more]

Attending the 1st China University Science and Technology Achievement Fair

2017-06-21 [Read more]

Attending the 2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair

2017-05-26 [Read more]

Attending the Worldwide Universities Network Conference

2017-05-03 [Read more]

International Workshop on Asian Language Resources

2017-04-21 [Read more]

Maritime Silk Road Suite

2017-04-07 [Read more]

HKCT Social Development x Liberal Studies Masters Series – BRI and Globalization

2017-02-28 [Read more]

Opening Ceremony of the Marden Belt and Road Liberal Studies Centre

2017-02-15 [Read more]

The 5th Global China Research Programme Working Seminar: A Comparison of Investment Strategies between China and Japan in ASEAN’s Infrastructure Projects

2017-01-20 [Read more]

The 5th Guangdong-Hong Kong Culture Mixing Seminar

2017-01-14 [Read more]

Guest lecture at Wa Ying College: “What does BRI have to do with me?” (「一帶一路關我事?」)

2017-01-13 [Read more]

Meeting with Vietnam National University–University of Language and International Studies (VNU-ULIS)

2017-01-06 [Read more]

Academia International Conference on Economic and Financial Cooperation: Hong Kong and the World under the Belt and Road Initiative

2016-12-15 [Read more]

Attending the 2016 United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Emergence Conference

2016-12-13 [Read more]

The 4th Global China Research Programme Working Seminar: Globalization and Inequality: What We Can Learn from China

2016-12-09 [Read more]

Attending the 3rd World Internet Conference

2016-11-16 [Read more]

Attending the CAPA Asia Aviation Summit

2016-11-15 [Read more]

The 3rd Global China Research Programme Working Seminar: The Geopolitical Web of Science: The Travelling of Knowledge Along the Belt and Road

2016-11-10 [Read more]

Symposium on Legal Aspects of China’s Belt and Road Initiative cum Book Launch

2016-11-05 [Read more]

Attending the Seminar on Belt and Road Initiative (向東歐出發 – 烏克蘭、白俄羅斯經濟文化考察團講座)

2016-10-26 [Read more]

Belt and Road Initiative: A Reception for Consuls-General

2016-10-06 [Read more]

Attending the 13th China-ASEAN Expo

2016-09-11 [Read more]

Attending the Conference on Building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and Advancing International Industrial Cooperation

2016-09-06 [Read more]

Attending the 9th International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas

2016-07-06 [Read more]

The 2nd Global China Research Working Seminar: Islam and China: The Continuation of a Continuum

2016-04-29 [Read more]

Attending the Worldwide Universities Network Conference

2016-04-03 [Read more]

The 1st Global China Research Working Seminar: Hollywood in China: How American Popular Culture Shapes Chinese Views of the 'Beautiful Imperialist'

2016-03-21 [Read more]

International Conference on HK and the World under the Belt and Road Initiative

2015-12-17 [Read more]

Meeting with the Secretary for Education

2015-11-13 [Read more]

Meeting with Delegates of the HKTDC

2015-11-04 [Read more]

Hong Kong's Role in China's Development

2015-09-20 [Read more]