Securing a stable and reliable supply of energy and creating a pollution-free living environment are goals that all societies strive to attain. Yet, these goals seem to be mutually exclusive. Since the problems of global warming, climate change, and energy security are of increasing concern worldwide, the efficient and effective use of energy and energy conservation for sustainable development have attracted a great deal of public attention and research. The Belt and Road Initiative was launched to promote regional development and integration, with key goals including constructing infrastructure and allocating resources. Therefore, efforts will be made to study how energy cooperation can be achieved while also promoting greater environmental protection and sustainable development. Research will also be conducted on international debates over the regulation of carbon emissions, as well as on ways to promote an environmentally friendly way of life.

  • Prof. Kin-che Lam
  • Prof. Gabriel N. C. Lau
  • Prof. Yee Leung
  • Prof. Mee-kam Ng
  • Prof. Yuan Xu